Temple of Madness 3' x 3' Fleece Battle Mat (Rangers of Shadow Deep)

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Cigar Box Battle #CBBM940 Temple of Madness 3' x 3' Fleece Battle Mat
Officially Licensed for Rangers of Shadow Deep (Joseph McCullough)

Create your ranger, gather companions, and play through a series of missions in the fight to hold back the darkness. Will you venture into the Shadow Deep?

"For weeks the soldiers of Alladore have lost nearly every battle and skirmish they have fought, and it is clear that some dark sorcery is at work. With the fate of the kingdom at stake, the Rangers are sent into the Shadow Deep to try and locate the source of this magic and end the threat. To accomplish this task, however, they must face the hours of the Temple of Madness..."

1 x High Quality Mat - Professionally designed & printed on wrinkle free fleece
Size: 3' x 3' (91.4cm x 91.4cm)

You can wash your Cigar Box Battle mats in a regular washing machine on the gentle cycle - cold water setting. Do not machine dry. Do not use bleach or other whitening or harsh chemicals. 

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