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Brix Minis #BRIX003 Female Firbolg Druid 1pk
Designed by Ghamak
Unpainted Resin Miniature

She lurks in a pool of swamp water, submerged so that only her eyes show, hair spilling around her like roots. The man who pillaged the temple, thinking it ruined and abandoned simply because it is ancient, looks through his sack of plunder for long minutes before he lies down for an uncomfortable sleep.

He wakes in the deafening silence. Even the insects have gone quiet. He tries to stand but finds himself bound to the earth, thousands of vines that writhe like snakes from the ground and wrap his limbs, his chest. He turns his head and sees the tall, muscular Firbolg woman striding towards him. The vines shift out of her way as she bends, picks up his sack of plunder and inspects the contents.

She throws it over her shoulder and turns to him. Her angry stare is the last thing that he sees as the vines and roots tighten and pull him beneath the mud.

1 x 32mm Heroic scale miniature with 25mm base
Designed by Ghamak
Brought to you by Brix Minis

Miniature may need to be assembled, may require some minor straightening, and are unpainted. Pictures of the painted miniatures are for inspiration and are only examples.

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