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Q WORKSHOP #BMOM101 Moomin Dice Bag - Beige w/ Moomin House Image
Small cotton dice bag
Holds around 35 dice

Welcome to the Moomin Valley! Created by cartoonist Tove Jansson as the most beautiful, peaceful, and safest place in the world. The dice bag is decorated with the image of the Moomin House, a refuge for all dice looking for shelter.

The "Moomin" dice bag is made of a strong and soft 190p cotton, 12 cm long, 11 cm wide, tightened at the top with a strong string. It will easily accommodate five full sets of dice, and there will also be room for more - there will be a warm corner for anyone in the Moomin House!

1 x Small Cotton Dice Bag
Dimensions: 11cm x 12cm x 0.5cm
Capacity: ~ 35 dice

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