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Battlefields Basing Set: Glue, 5 Basing Materials & Tufts || Army Painter: Starter Sets


Army Painter

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Army Painter #BF4301 Battlefields Basing Set: Glue, 5 Basing Materials & Tufts

This amazing set has been designed to give the wargamer a “one box fits all” for you miniature bases. Includes all the basic basing materials you need to make any base for your miniatures. It also includes a FREE Battlefields Basing Glue 50ml as well as the Army Painter Technique Painting Guide.

Miniatures & brush pictured on the packaging are not included.

1 x Swamp Tuft strip: 35 pieces; 3 sizes for endless variations
1 x Brown Battleground 25ml: sdfsd
1 x Summer Undergrowth 25mlshrubberies or bushes
1 x Field Grass 25ml: taller and wild grass
1 x Snow Scatter 25mlarctic climate or winter bases
1 x Battlefield Rocks 25ml: smaller rocks or stones
1 x Basing Glue 50ml: dries clear; pointy precision nozzle allowing for direct application and minimal waste

Note: Full sized basing pots are 150ml. This set contains 25ml reusable pots.

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