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About Us

Hi there!

We're an online boutique tabletop gaming store based in Sydney, Australia, shipping Australia-wide. By boutique, we mean that we only sell product lines that we ourselves have tried, and brands that we trust such as Reaper, Wizkids, and Chessex. Our current focus is 28mm Fantasy miniatures, and Dungeons & Dragons 5e material. We keep a lookout for up &coming brands that we believe our customers will love as we do (such as Spellcrow).

As a family-owned business, we're excited that our kiddies (one pictured below, who has a yuge imagination) are along for the ride, and that we all get to admire the beauties ordered in, and then say au revoir as they make their way to new abodes.


You may have noticed the falchion-wielding silhouette of Liliana on our logo. This half-orc barbarian she-hulk was one of our matriarch's first PC's when she first played Dungeons & Dragons, and a reminder of how tabletop gaming opened a whole new world to her. It's an ongoing acknowledgement of the power of imagination in gaming, as Liliana and her adventures have been memorialised in our minds. 

Drop us a line if you're after anything we don't stock, or if you'd like to suggest a product line you want to see in our offerings.

- The Miniature Hubsters