Townspeople Castle #1 25pk || Unpainted Plastic Miniatures

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Wizkids #90096 Townspeople Castle #1  25pk
Unpainted, Plastic Miniatures

Newly released, this 25-count pack features characters and scenery, requiring little to no assembly, and primed for painting. Also includes a brazier that has an LED embedded for an added atmospheric effect!

This is a 25-count scenery pack which includes: 
1 x King
• 1 x Queen
• 1 x Male Knight
• 1 x Female Knight
• 1 x Male Squire
• 1 x Female Squire
• 1 x Male Noblemen
• 1 x Female Noblemen
• 1 x Prince
• 1 x Princess
• 1 x Male Herald
• 1 x Female Jester
• 1 x Male Cupbearer
• 1 x Throne
• 1 x Dais
• 1 x Lectern
• 1 x Tome
• 1 x Table
• 5 x Table Object
• 2 x Braziers

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and little to no assembly required.

WizKids presents Deep Cuts - highly-detailed unpainted plastic miniatures but are pre-primed with Vallejo primer and ready to paint.

NOTE: These miniatures can be used in Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and other tabletop games.

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