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Reaper Miniatures: Packaged Singles - Unpainted. Painted. Metal. Polymer.

Reaper Miniatures is a leading hobby company based out of Denton, Texas. Their primary focus is the design and manufacture of pewter and PVC miniature figurines in the 25–35mm scale. Secondarily, they manufacture paint and accessories for hobbyist around the world. They are one of our more popular lines, particularly due to the raw numbers of miniatures and varieties available from them. If a customer is struggling to find a miniature for their fantasy TTRPG game there's a good chance Reaper Miniatures will have something close to what they're looking for, if not exactly what they need.

Unpainted Miniatures:
 Polymer Minis
Dark Heaven Legends: Metal Minis
Dungeon Dwellers: Metal Minis
Pathfinder (Licensed): Metal & Polymer Minis
Warlord: Metal or Polymer Minis
Translucent & Clear Polymer Minis
Dragons: Metal or Polymer Minis

Pre-Painted Miniatures:
Legendary Encounters: Polymer Minis