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Frostgrave Gnolls 20pk (Plastic Miniatures) || North Star Military Figures


North Star Military Figures

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Use For: Rangers of Shadow Deep, Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and other fantasy wargames or RPGs

NSMF #FGVP03 Frostgrave Gnolls 20pk (Plastic)
Unpainted Miniatures: Assembly with glue required.

Gnolls possess a low-level human intelligence. They are capable of limited human speech and can produce simple tools and weapons, though they prefer to steal or loot rather than create. Gnoll warriors include all of the same types found in human societies, though those that rely on specialised weapons or heavy armour such as knights and marksmen are uncommon.

Box set contains enough parts to make 20 miniatures.
Multiple heads, arms, weapons & accoutrements per frame, to customise & create your own unique gnoll minis.

Note: Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly is required with glue (use glue designed for plastic, such as Army Painter Plastic Glue).

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