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Pathfinder: Dungeon Master Accessories (Use with D&D and other RPGs too!)

Pathfinder Battle Mats:
We offer 3 types of Battle Mat:
1. 24" x 30" (61cm x 76cm) - Larger than A2
- Basic Terrain Multipack 2pk
- Dungeon Flip Mat Multipack 2pk
- Tavern Flip Mat Multipack 2pk
- Arena Flip Mat Classics 1pk
- Deep Forest Flip Mat Classics 1pk
- Dragons Lair Flip Mat Classic 1pk

2. 27" x 39" (68.5cm x 99cm) - Larger than A1
- Bigger Basic Flip Mat 1pk
- Bigger Keep Flip Mat 1pk
- Bigger Forest Flip Mat 1pk

3. Map Tiles (5" x 8" each tile)
- Frozen Sites Map Tiles 18pk