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Robert E. Howard’s Conan RPG: Books

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Conan: The Core Books
Conan RPG: Core Book *currently out of stock*
Conan RPG: Player's Guide

Conan: The Main Sourcebooks
Conan the Thief
Conan the Mercenary
Conan the Pirate
Conan the Brigand *June 2019 release*
Conan the Monolith *June 2019 release*

Conan: Adventures & Campaign Books
Jewelled Thrones of the Earth: Adventures

Conan: Further Supplements
The Book of Skelos (GM/Player Guide to Sorcery)
Nameless Cults (GM Guide to Cosmology & Deities)
Ancient Ruins & Cursed Cities (GM Guide to Ruins & Remote Locales)
Horrors of the Hyborian Age (GM Guide to Monsters) *June 2019 release*