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Fire Dragon Dice Tin || Age of Dragons: Art by Anne Stokes


Spirit of Equinox

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Spirit of Equinox #AD56616 Age of Dragons: Fire Dragon Metal Tin
Includes: Foam Insert for 1 x Standard 7-Die Set

This small metal storage tin features artwork from the stunning Age of Dragons collection by Anne Stokes. On the lid is a Fire Dragon breathing fire, and a red & gold intricate dragon pattern around the tin. Included is a foam insert to keep a set of standard RPG dice (D4, D6, D8, D10, D00, D12 & D20) in place.

Dragon-themed, compact & will keep your dice safe in your bag in between gaming sessions!

1 x Metal Tin
1 x Foam Insert for RPG Dice

Dimensions (Approx):
Length 9.5cm
Width 6.0cm
Height 2.5cm

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