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Dice Bag - D&D Dice AccessoriesI noted in my previous article covering the broad topic of dice for dungeons and dragons, that a simple Google search would reveal that there is a glut on dice and dice accessory sellers on the market. Internationals aside, even the Australian market is swamped with dice retailers, and yet no one really demystifying what is out there, available and useful. Occasionally you might find a decent review for a specific dnd dice product or a D&D Dice Set manufacturer, but rarely much more than that. So, within the small scope of these articles, I will try my best to do a short breakdown of what we at Miniature Hub sell in the way of dice and dice accessories. I plan to expand and update on this content further as our range likewise expands.

Dice Accessories

When I was younger, I never really understood the fascination with dice and dice accessories. I could see the use and function for them, and admire the pleasing aesthetics of their appearance, but I got easily caught up in the theatre-of-the-mind pragmatics. A table was an adequate dice tray, a laptop screen was an able concealer or dice rolls, the shinier the dice did not unfortunately help them to roll better. It wasn't until I got more immersed in the tabletop community and culture that I came to understand the almost mystical allure of click clacks and their containment tools and fields. Function is important, but form is what draws people - the dice tower is not most immediately there to help randomise rolls, it's an extension of player artistic self expression, and is as connected to the party narrative as the player themselves. For instance, do players actually believe on a series of bad rolls that "this D20 betrayed me!" and putting it in a dice prison is the obvious solution? I doubt it. Rather they are reacting to the the events of the game itself, and expressing themselves as a result. It's all part of the fun - and that's really the place of dice and dice accessories.

Dice accessories are perhaps easier to identify to new players than dice themselves as they are a much more obvious within the table context. People are less likely to notice your sweet new glittery D&D dice sets, over the colourful dice tray a looming dice tower, a fantasy-themed leather dice bag or an iconic player screen or DM screen. They are also a bit of a statement being made - both of your serious game-face, but one of self-expression and identity as well.he got dnd dice bag game You roll with a dice tray or a dice tower because you desire to express yourself by rolling that way. In the same way that you spend time looking online to buy the perfect miniature for that character, with those features and items, for that campaign, you kit yourself out with items for your tabletop role-playing journeys. Maybe it's more pragmatic than that, even, and you like metal dice, and the harsh environment of that wooden table endangers your click clacks, so you grab a cushioned dice tray? Whatever your reason, it's your tabletop experience, and your adventuring gear that equip you to have the most optimal experience you can.

Dice Trays

All Rolled Up -  All Rolled Up have been on the dice accessories scene for a few years with their unique portable dice trays. Ideal for the player on the go or the DM that already has too much stuff to carry, these little beauties are lighter than a set of dice, and the cushy neoprene fabric is durable enough to cope with rough handling or spills. These points combined with the amazing proprietary and licensed artwork choices mean these dice trays are fantastic options for the roleplayer who is after something specific and wants their DnD Dice to roll with creative impact.

Dice Trays - All Rolled Up

Dice Tray - Dice Hub - Crimson Thunder

Dice Hub - Our own home brand! Dice Hub is the fruit of our desire to liaise directly with manufacturers to deliver high quality products at an affordable price. Dice Hub dice trays are simple and affordable, doing the job whilst maintaining a professional and durable appearance. If you're after more rolling space or rigidity in your portable dice trays, this range from Dice Hub may be ideal for you. A solid choice and a cut above spilling your dice across the table or floor.

Watch this space as this range has lots of room to grow!

Dice Towers - eRaptor

Dice Towers

eRaptor - When you just can't stop blaming the dice any more for your terrible rolls, what is a player to do? Outsource them to a dice tower of course! 

When it comes to dice towers, there is rarely a need to look further afield, which is why we exclusively stock eRaptor as our dice tower manufacturer and supplier. Whether you go with their wooden HDF or perspex plastic sets, it's hard to find more affordable or better looking dice towers. If you want to be noticed at a table, it's hard for anyone to miss a Black Tower, a Red Dragon or a T-Rex.

Keep an eye on this range. They've recently run a successful kickstarter, which means more towers, and more varieties to choose from to roll with advantage and express yourself.

Dice Bags

Dice BagLevel Bedded - Nothing says "veteran who means business" at the RPG table than a ye olde leather dice bag. These premium leather dice bags are made from natural leather (none of that fake pleather stuff) and are hand stitched by Level Bedded themselves. Each bag is hard wearing, quite roomy and would make great coin purses as well as dice bags. These bags come in a decent variety of leathery colours, themed to archetypal D&D creatures whose leather it could, in theory, be derived from. There's a lot of inexpensive dice bags out there, and the quality shows, but these are the real, ensuring your precious click clacks don't get scattered to the four-winds by an unexpected rupture

Chessex - Need light and functional dice bag with a suedecloth feel like you've just stopped off at the jeweler for a bag of diamonds? Chessex has got you covered. These dice bags can hold more dice than you'd expect, and for a fraction of the price of other containment options. This makes them the affordable dicebag choice, whilst still looking great sitting on the gaming table. With these around you never really have to worry about having something to hold your dice. A solid option, particularly if you want to isolate naughty, nice, or character-specific sets from the rest of your hoard. 

Dice Tins

Dice Tins

Anne Stokes Collectible Dice Tins - These beautiful, collectible metal tins, featuring classic D&D artwork by Anne Stokes, such as her Age of Dragons collection. Specialising in fantasy art, she is known for her classic fantasy artwork for Dungeons & Dragons and other roleplaying games. We've equipped each metal tin with a custom-made foam insert to fit a standard 7-dice RPG set, ensuring your dice stay in a low-impact environment with minimal movement or damage. These dice tins are limited editions and are excellent expressions of the character and power of whichever special set of dice you desire to place in them.

Dungeon Master Screens

Dungeon Master Screens for D&D - This is more of an honourable mention, as it doesn't quite fit in with the above categories. That said, it is an accessory, and it is relevant to dice and the table. For some tables, this accessory is vital as it enables Dungeon Master's to do their work of narrative story building without the prying intrusion of curious players. They can quickly prepare monster miniatures for a quick reveal, as well as make the required rolls for creatures' stealth and other similar checks. 

For 5th Edition D&D, there is also a 5e Player Screen variant, designed for neurodivergent people. It contains player quick reference rules on the inside and provides an enclosed environment for players who appreciate structure and boundaries to feel at home. Interested? Check it out!

Of Ships and the Sea - Dungeon Master Screen

For more information on dice, please see the previous blog post covering dice sets

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