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Lost Omens World Guide - Pathfinder 2E

Ruby-Faith Faleniu Asaua
The god of prophecy has died. Destinies no longer bound to the strands of fate weaved among mortal coils, and with that futures are no longer certain or even predictable. Now is the time, if any, for fearless adventure and daring risk, to carve out for yourself your own future and place in this world. There is no future but what you make for the Age of Lost Omens has begun.
Pathfinder 2nd Edition

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Ruby-Faith Faleniu Asaua

Out of a deeply concerted effort to preserve the remnants of Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 EditionPathfinder 1st Edition was born in 2009 via Paizo Publishing. Taking the base D20 / SRD rule-set, Pathfinder added to them, refined them, created their own worlds and mythos. It became an embedded haven for die-hard gamers, who missed the complexity and options that later editions of D&D no longer offered them.