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Pathfinder Lost Omens World GuideThe god of prophecy has died. Destinies no longer bound to the strands of fate weaved among mortal coils, and with that futures are no longer certain or even predictable. Now is the time, if any, for fearless adventure and daring risk, to carve out for yourself your own future and place in this world. There is no future but what you make for the Age of Lost Omens has begun.

It was only a matter of time before Paizo followed their launch of Pathfinder 2nd Edition with something more narratively substantive. And this 136-page tome that is the Lost Omens World Guide does the job of introducing DMs and players to the world (or age, really) of Golarion. It also fulfills the helpful function of both introducing new players and helping veteran players to bridge the gap from 1st Edition. How so? Well, rather than a relaunch or reboot, the designers of Pathfinder 2E have written Lost Omens as directly resulting from the previous decade of 1st Edition. The world of PF2E Golarion is a culmination of all the adventures and events that preceded it. This is great for continuity, seguing current veterans whilst keeping all players at the same junction in the narrative.

From art to cartography, this book is gorgeous. Paizo has always been solid with their artwork and graphic design choices, but this thing is truly a work of art. Everything from the huge well-marked map of Golarion with symbols and reference points leading you all over the book, to the vivid illustrations of the people and places depicted. I strangely find myself treating it more like a magazine or a coffee table book - something to leaf through and just appreciate on that level.

The book divides each section by region, and correlates them all to a giant map of the whole world. Each region gets a short, pointed summary that touches on exactly the right amount of information regarding that regions nations, people groups, important figures, languages, factions, religions, goods and natural resources etc. So, you get that flexibility of diving deep or just skimming the surface, and if you forget something, there is a helpful index at the back for looking things up.

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Amidst all the fluff and lore, it's easy to see how a lot of this material would be relevant to DMs. However, unlike most setting books you'll find out there, Lost Omens actually has a lot of material relevant to players. There are backgrounds anchored to specific regions, feats for archetypes, and numerous easter egg appearances of items, other feats, and much more hidden amongst all the world-related information.

If a comprehensive, easy-to-read and gorgeous looking (did I mention that the art is amazing?!) introduction to the Pathfinder 2E world of Golarion is what you need, this book really ticks most of the important boxes. With continuity in timelines, region-specific chapter divisions and a host of surprisingly meaty player options, it's hard to see any foot wrong. So, if you're keen in, or keen to get into, Pathfinder 2nd Edition, it's hard to go wrong with this release.

Lost Omen's World Guide is available now!

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