Dungeons, Dragons & Doggos - D&D Stream

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Dungeons, Dragons and Doggos. They're a group of Aussie mates playing D&D together and live streaming to Twitch.

Their current live streams run as follows:

Tuesday 7pm AEST Tomb of Annihilation DM: HB the Great
Friday 7pm AEST Curse of Strahd DM: Downunder DM

Do check them out!

To sweeten the deal, we'll let you in on a secret... If you go watch 'em, you'll find an ongoing special deal we've got with their viewers.

Watch Dungeons Dragons & Doggos |Curse of Strahd | An Invitation They Cant Refuse from DungeonsDragonsDoggos on www.twitch.tv

Dungeons, Dragons & Doggos:


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