D&D Dice Potions Kit

Two exciting new product lines have just arrived from one of our UK suppliers, Level Bedded.

Large Potions of Healing - Level Bedded

Potions of Healing for D&D 5th Edition

“Granny Weatherwax believed that it didn’t matter which herbs you put into your potion so long as you got the headology right, and this was why she was a better witch than Magrat. Magrat believed that it did matter, and this was why she was a better doctor than Granny.” Terry Pratchett

The first product line is these fantastic hand-crafted D&D Large Potion of Healing Sets (4 Vials) and it's single vial counterpart.

The set contains 4 stoppered glass vials in a clasped wooden chest. Inside the chest are custom wooden racks, artificial straw as well as additional cushioning on the inside lid to ensure the potions can survive the harsh adventuring environment. The vials are labelled corresponding healing potion stats for D&D 5th Edition (5e) and contain relevant quantities of D4 dice.


Wooden chest holding the 4 glass vials of dice, as described below.
1 x Potion of healing (2 x D4 dice)
1 x Greater Potion of healing (4 x D4 dice)
1 x Superior Potion of healing (8 x D4 dice)
1 x Supreme Potion of healing (10 x D4 Dice)

Leather Dice Bags with D20 Motif

The foe has been vanquished, your party emboldened.
Your triumph memorialised in a Pouch of Holding

Complete leather dice bag collection from Level Bedded

These all new leather dice bags have been hand-crafted from natural leather (none of that fake pleather stuff), are large enough to carry ~100 dice, and could be used to carry a whole bunch of other items, including tokens and spellbook cards. Its drawstring and toggle will keep your items secure as you adventure out into the unknown.


Hag-hide Green 
Werebear Brown 
Gargoyle Grey 
Ogre Flesh Brown 
Hell Hound Red

Dimensions (Approximate):
Height 16cm
Width 14cm
Depth 7.5cm

Dice bag - Hell Hound Red - Level Bedded
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